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Rent a Scooter

Complete your stay in Tuscany with an unforgettable experience. Combine fun, spectacular landscapes, history, great food and local wine by renting a Scooter.

Price includes

RCA insurance, jet helmet per person, balaclava, top case, USB. Unlimited kilometers, roadside assistance and area map.

Price does not include

The petrol consumed during the rental period (vehicles are supplied with a full tank and must be returned full). Fines during the rental period can be charged to your credit card. All accessories included: what is lost, damaged or not returned will be charged to your credit card. If the Scooter is damaged or has not been returned to the same condition in which it was supplied, Chianti Rental will charge the cost of any repairs to the driver’s credit card. The driver is entirely responsible for his driving skills.


The following documents are required for hire
– Original driving licence
– 21 years of age
– International driving licence (if the driver is from a non-EU country, with the exception of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and the UK). It is cheaper to apply for it in your own country. 

Some rentals may not require it because the risks are borne by the driver and not the renter. If the police stop you without an international driving licence, it is the same as driving without a licence.

– ID card.
A credit card (no debit card, no prepaid card) as a guarantee for any damages or fines

Recommended minimum driver height 160 cm. Children may only be carried as passengers if their feet touch the footboard of the Vespa.

Some rules

Bookings are confirmed upon payment of 50% of the rental total via paypal or bank transfer.

A video will be made before the rental to check the condition of the vehicle.


You can reach our office by car or by public transport. In the area there are 3 parking areas. The bus from Florence stops in front of our office.
Free transfer for the guests staying in Castellina in Chianti for a minimum of 8 people.

Cancellation policy

You can cancel or amend your reservation by 30 days before the collection date. In case of cancelation after the limit of 30 days, the deposit of 50% will not be refund. 

In case of bad weather, on the day of rental, you can change the date or the net deposit can be refund.